1. Charlie’s name was inspired by Charles Darwin

When healthfinch was founded, our co-founders, Jonathan Baran and Lyle Berkowitz, MD, were inspired by Charles Darwin’s work on the evolution of the Galapagos finches. That led to discussions about the evolution of healthcare — how far it’s come and where it’s headed. With this in mind, they named the company healthfinch (yes, it’s spelled in all lowercase) and to give a nod to Darwin, our product was named Charlie.

2. Our team competes for the most unique location to work remote

Though our headquarters is in Madison, WI and a few of us call it home, healthfinch is a remote-first company. Everyone is encouraged to not only work remotely, but to get out of their usual “nest” (one of many finch references we use) at least once a week — whether that’s traveling for work, checking out a new coffee shop, or sitting next to a lake. We’ve turned this into a contest and have a channel on our internal messaging system dedicated to “Out of the Nest,” where employees can share pictures of where they’re working. Each month, one fan favorite gets chosen and a small prize is awarded!

3. healthfinch monitors over 40 protocol guidance sources

healthfinch has an interdisciplinary clinical team that consults the recommendations from over 40 sources when developing prescription renewal protocols, and continues to monitor them regularly for the latest research and guidance. This service, included with a Charlie subscription, saves our customers countless hours of time otherwise needed to complete their own monitoring and ensures they’re able to deliver safe, quality patient care using current clinical best practices.

Interested in our library of evidence-based prescription renewal protocols and learning how Charlie integrates with EMRs to streamline clinical workflows? Contact us for a demo!