Our mission at healthfinch is — and always has been — to eliminate the routine, repetitive tasks that providers face in their daily practice, reduce their risk of burnout, and enable them to work top of license (i.e. the fullest extent of their education and training). We envision a world where all providers can truly focus on patient care rather than the heavy administrative burden that comes with each patient encounter.

We do this by following our motto of “automating what can be automated, delegating what can be delegated, and simplifying the rest”. Specifically, we apply this to the routine, repetitive task of prescription renewal requests.


Implementing our prescription renewal delegation solution, Charlie, allows health systems to reach higher levels of efficiency by automating some of the manual work that’s typically required with each prescription renewal request. Charlie automatically scrubs patients’ charts, presents all relevant renewal information, and provides recommendations on how to manage each request. In doing so, Charlie saves providers and staff significant time and helps ensure that important medication-specific information such as missed labs or visits aren’t accidentally overlooked.


Most states allow delegation of prescription renewal requests to some level, whether that’s to MAs, RNs, or pharmacy staff. If providers are still receiving all renewal requests directly to their inboxes, it’s imperative these tasks are taken out of their workloads. Charlie helps to safely delegate prescription renewal requests to the appropriate non-provider staff.


Simplifying renewal workflows is also a valuable exercise. We evaluate our customers’ existing protocols and processes to help identify inefficiencies, allowing providers and staff to execute tasks as quickly and safely as possible.

With prescription renewal requests off providers’ plates, they can focus more pressing needs — whether that’s daily patient care, coordinating specialty services, or even responding to national health crises such as the current COVID-19 outbreak. When an “all hands of deck” situation arises, every spare minute is that much more valuable.

Just how much of an impact can Charlie have? Let’s assume a primary care provider receives an average of 10 prescription renewal requests per day and spends 3 minutes on each request. That would equate to an extra 30 minutes per day or 2.5 hours per 5-day work week for just one provider. A health system with 50 primary care providers could reclaim 125 provider hours per week! We’ll let you imagine where else that time could best be applied…

In the not-so-distant future, we picture a world where Charlie would take the automation a step further and process routine renewal requests without ever needing human intervention. There are many factors to consider and we’re not quite there yet, but it’s certainly not an impossible mission! At healthfinch, we’re up for the challenge, but for now, we’re happy to be doing our part to reduce burnout and get providers time back in their day.

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