Softek Brings Visibility to Cerner® Revenue Cycle

By: David Fletcher, President

Back in September, KLAS® Research Firm released its 2019 Consulting for Cerner Software report and we couldn’t be more pleased with our ratings for Cerner® IT Advisory Services.

According to the report, all Softek clients surveyed* are “highly satisfied with the firm’s delivery, praising their custom built revenue cycle tool for creating reports that provide needed visibility and improvement insights.” Softek received an overall score of 99.2* and an A+ on four out of the five pillars defined by KLAS: loyalty, operations, services, relationship and value.

Softek received a perfect score* in seven out of nine categories and as KLAS stated in its report, “Softek brings visibility to Cerner Revenue Cycle.”

These scores represent our continued commitment to our clients and our commitment to our mission to help hospital systems get the most out of their investment in Cerner® Millennium™. We truly believe that when you give talented individuals the right resources and freedom to build innovative software, great things will happen. Together, innovative software solutions and consulting services can achieve more than either can alone.

The scores in the KLAS report also represent how we differ from our competitors – our custom-built software. We work with our clients to identify their pain points and build software to make their jobs easier and achieve their organization’s revenue goals.

Hats off to our software developers and consulting staff who work with our clients daily to help bring visibility to their revenue cycle.

We’re excited about the future of Softek and continuing to work with our clients to develop innovative software solutions.

What does Softek® do?

Softek's mission is to help hospital systems get the most out of their investment in Cerner® Millennium™. We do this by providing innovative software solutions and consulting services that can achieve more together than either can alone.

At Softek, our team of innovators and software developers brings expertise beyond the ordinary to every client. Our experts are involved with Cerner® Millennium™ hospitals throughout the country consulting clients so they can optimize system performance and revenue integrity.

Softek delivers a full suite of consulting services and software solutions to assess and optimize EMR system performance, including revenue cycle integrity and patient accounting.

Let’s talk to see how you can get the most out of your Cerner® Millennium™ system.