For labs, clinics, and hospitals, the last year and a half has been a crash course in the importance of efficiency and flexibility—especially when it comes to your staff. Many experts are predicting that 2022 will come with some of the same difficulties.

One major opportunity—if you act quickly—will be found in cross-training your staff (especially around your workflows and EHR/Revenue Cycle systems). Procedural area cross-training can set up all of your teams for success.

Efforts made now in standardizing your documentation and workflows will be critical as staff shortages continue in 2022. When you can rely on clinicians being familiar with the same systems and protocols, you can more easily shift resources around without losing a step. After all, using iView in the PACU needn't be any different than using it on a medical or surgical floor.

And, if you identify them in advance, any gaps in standardization (e.g. general medical ward versus specialized ward) can be accounted for in focused cross-training for all staff.

Now is the time to make sure you’re engaging your staff at all levels. Whether they are IT specialists, doctors, nurses, clinicians, or executives, they will have a role to play in your organization's response that goes beyond "business as usual." Old workflows and approaches need to be revisited in light of what we all learned the hard way in 2020/21.

S&P Consultants can help. With our support, S&P's clients made great progress—even during the pandemic—and in the process gained new resources for being better equipped to respond to challenges such as:

  • Getting leadership and frontline staff (including clinical and revenue-cycle roles) to understand the value of better training
  • Developing standardization strategies and training that help team members easily shift into different roles or departments when short-staffed
  • Setting up remote work strategies that allow your teams to remain productive and effective in the face of quarantines and off-site employment requirements

We also provide both functional and workflow-based training and end-user training for all Cerner® Millennium® solutions, which can help everyone from bedside to billing work as efficiently as possible.Now is the time to give your teams the resources they need to continue doing great work. Let S&P Consultants show you how! Contact us to learn more about our services.