In 2020/21 short-staffing—and the need to quickly redeploy staff around the organization—proved to be a tricky prospect with some unexpected glitches.

One lesson: Don't let an outdated approach to access limit your responsiveness to staffing.Taking some of the lessons learned over the past months, it's important to take a careful look at how your current Electronic Health Record (EHR) access rules are working (or not):

  • Could you benefit from having a global "nursing" position, for example, that would allow for more flexible access from floor to floor / department to department?
  • Should you consider implementing 'My Experience' (Cerner) that includes provisions for clinicians to dynamically change roles and visibility from shift to shift?
  • Can your IT group provide a more granular approach to access, extending visibility into new or different documentation options. (i.e. Still within iView, but with different visibility into navigator bands, fields, etc.?

Let S&P show you access strategies and other optimizations that can help you prepare for the year ahead.

Many of our IT specialists are also nurses, physicians, and revenue cycle professionals—so they understand the perspective of your team members on the ground. We’re proven problem solvers when it comes to helping our clients remove barriers to productivity and take advantage of every efficiency.

In 2021, S&P won "Best in KLAS" / HIT Implementation Leadership (A+) — for implementations requiring fewer than eight consultants. Last year, KLAS recognized us as "the market leader in Cerner implementation."

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