NARUG 2019 Annual Conference

Accepted Presentations

Accepted Presentations

Below is a list of presentations accepted for this year's NARUG Conference.  A schedule will be finalized and published before the conference.  Check back regularly for updates and additions!

Title: Improving the Quality of Physician Documentation in Real Time

Presenter(s): Ori Lotan, MD

Description: UHS implemented a CDS tool that analyzed physician notes in real time and prompted the physician for clarification when there was a high confidence for additional diagnoses to most accurately reflect Severity of Illness.It was rolled out to 26 hospitals and led to improved documentation of Severity of Illness, improved documentation in Risk of Mortality, improvement of Observed / Expected Mortality & reduction in overall Mortality.

Title: The Data Tells the Story: FirstNet Notifications to Improve Care Coordination

Presenter(s): Kevin Pannell, PMP, NREMT; Anne Massey, MSW; Julie Glotz, RN, MSIS, CPHIMS

Description: This breakout session will share how VCU Health integrated the Collective Medical Technologies Edie portal with Cerner FirstNet to improve care coordination across patient care teams in the Emergency Department. Speakers will share how they organized, provided oversight and completed FirstNet build to meet the regulatory deadline with little oversight and regulatory guidance along the way.

Title: Conversion in PowerChart Ambulatory from PowerNote to Dynamic Documentation

Presenter(s): Robert Martinez, BSN, RN

Description: Discuss Baystate Health's conversion from PowerNote and adoption of Dynamic Documentation in the PowerChart Ambulatory setting and review lessons learned.

Title: Patient Portal Implementation: Challenges and Success in a Pediatric Health System

Presenter(s): Marc P. DiFazio, M.D.

Description: The Physician champion overseeing Patient Portal implementation at a large Pediatric Health System will discuss the challenges and successes of the experience. Topics will include establishing policy for adolescent/emancipated minors, enhancing physician engagement, developing marketing and infrastructure/personnel requirements. The institution's journey to facilitate patient/family communication with their clinicians will be reviewed, with lessons learned and next steps/potential for use in future.

Title: Parenteral Nutrition - An Interdisciplinary Ordering Approach

Presenter(s): Robert Abda RN, BSN, MIS, Cert. HI

Description: Parenteral nutrition ordering process used in Cerner adopted hospitals, has largely remained either on paper or as a single line electronic order. Within this traditional order, there is minimal or no decision support during the ordering, verification, or administration processes of parenteral nutrition, thus exposing patients to medication-related errors. Such circumstances do not take advantage of Cerner's robust architecture for supplying real-time patient-related data, reference ranges, and reference-range alerting (guardrails) for each ingredient dosing.  At Universal Health Services, we have created a custom electronic Parenteral Nutrition Advisor that utilizes the Cerner electronic health record base design. The advisor provides context-aware clinical decision support with guardrails, accounts for age variations, accommodates interdisciplinary workflow, and allows for seamless interfacing to third-party compounders thereby promoting quality and patient safety.

Title: Real Time Patient Care Dashboard

Presenter(s): Sheree Whitley, RN, BSN

Description: Mpage tool to identify key quality and patient safety metrics and how to address compliance items real time for improved patient care.

Title: Improving clinical workflows through automation technology

Presenter(s): Fritz Hofheinz, MD

Description: The prevalence of routine, repetitive clinical tasks and the EMR time required to complete them has become a large contributor to provider burnout. This session will take a look at how automation technology can streamline tasks such as prescription renewal requests and the impact it can have on an organization. Through real customer success stories, attendees will learn how implementing standardized protocols and delegated workflows can save provider and staff time, increase efficiency, improve patient care and reduce provider burnout.

Title: Show Me the Money! Are you missing charges in your Cerner System?

Presenter(s): Chris Lanaman, Softek Solutions, Inc.

Description: Many factors contribute to accurate charge capture, some of which healthcare organizations may not even be aware of. Chris Lanaman, Director of Professional Services for Softek Solutions, Inc., covers all aspects of charging that should be checked and validated to ensure organizations are not leaving money behind for patient clinical services. Chris discusses what to look for in charge capture as well as ways to manage smaller days in AR

Title: The Stages of Infusion Interoperability Implementation

Presenter(s): Jordan Shirey BSN, RN and Christine Jefferson, MSN, RN

Description: The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC) commitment to patient safety led the system to adopt technology called Infusion Interoperability from Cerner and BD CareFusion. Infusion Interoperability combines the technologies of pump auto-programming with the flowing of infusion data back into the electronic health record through a wireless network. This innovation is designed to minimize IV-related infusion errors and improve patient data tracking. Successful implementation of Infusion Interoperability at the bedside requires pointed planning, education, support, analysis, and reinforcement of best practices. Project planning began in April 2016 with the first facility going live in May 2018. UPMC will continue implementing the technology for all other sites through the rest of 2019. This presentation will focus on the opportunities, barriers, and lessons learned from the different stages required of implementing Infusion Interoperability in a large hospital system.

Title: Transitioning from Unintelligible to Intelligent Documentation

Presenter(s): Qammer Bokhari, MD, MBA, MHSA, CPHIMS

Description: Since 1995 the primary driver of what clinicians document has been regulatory; and for the past decade, the primary enabler of how clinicians document has been technology. While health IT has been evolving at a rapid pace, regulatory barriers have impeded their widespread adoption. That is now changing. The presenter will address how clinicians can leverage a simplified regulatory environment and evolution in artificial intelligence to make documentation and EHR use less burdensome and more effective.

Title: Clinical Impact Analysis by GUIDE SW to provide software solutions to challenges faced by Cerner's EHR clinical users

Presenter(s): John Wilson, MT(ASCP), MSIS, CPHIMS and Paul Gnanodayan, BS (Math), MS (Information Systems)

Description: GUIDE is a SW tool which provides the Clinical Impact of the Cerner's EHR System to the end users. Previously, impact analysis required searching individually for Forms, iViews, CCL, Rules, mPages, etc in Cerner's EHR. GUIDE is starting to make impact analysis a more “one stop shop”; Very! Incredible time saver! Very user friendly.

Title: Opioid Advisor

Presenter(s): Ori Lotan, MD

Description: UHS created its Opioid Advisor tool on the Cerner platform in response to the nationwide opioid epidemic.Providers benefit from quick access to patient opioid prescription information, as well as clinical decision support that aligns with state regulations promoting safer care.

Title: Ambulatory Acquisitions: Leading EHR Adoption through Learning & Support

Presenter(s): Michelle Adams, Stacy Crawford, Jim Segneri

Description: In this session, we’ll explore how to guide EHR adoption for an ambulatory acquisition through an intentional learning and support plan, utilizing a recent acquisition effort at VCU Health as an illustration. We’ll cover advocating for services during the acquisition process, assessing user needs, developing learning and support processes, plans, and materials, implementing training and support efforts, and evaluating success.

Title: Implementing eCoach and Insight for Training Success

Presenter(s): Apolla Roth

Description: In this session, You'll learn about the Cerner online tools that are available to drive Cerner learning and adoption. Using eCoach and Insight, organizations have a quick and efficient way to provide just-in time learning to users in the environment and on demand. This session covers the implementation process from beginning to end, included project planning, stakeholder engagement, technical specifications, content development, testing, implementation, marketing, reporting, and continuous improvement efforts.

Title: Skilled Documentation for MDS 3.0

Presenter(s): Jacqueline Kizer, BSN, RN, CRRN, CCM, CMC

Description: EHR documentation for all levels of patients/residents in Community Living Centers to capture correct RUGS for accurate SAIL and MDS data

Title: Healthe Intent Application Implementation at LifeBridgeHealth

Presenter(s): Bill Thomas, Melissa Zahn, Mariama Bakayoko

Description: The journey of implementing the Healthe Intent suite of applications to support and enhance cross continuum care coordination, quality outcome improvement and total cost of care reduction at LifeBridge Health.

Title: Order Set Oversight: Successes & Challenges of an Interprofessional Oversight Committee

Presenter(s): Padmaja Pavuluri, DO, MPH and Siena Quitania MSHAI

Description: Order sets are the "sharp end" of health care delivery, and are a key tool in efficiently implementing high quality care, while balancing usability and educational needs of end-users. Our system maintains >400 order sets (primarily PowerPlans) for use in a variety of clinical settings, and requires full triennial review for all order sets. We will present our process, which includes local pre-approvals, review and approval by our interprofessional committee (i.e. providers, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory, informatics, safety, accreditation), build, and validation. We will also share data about ordering efficiency (e.g. numbers of orders & characters), specificity, (e.g. general (communication) vs. specific orders) & reducing unnecessary variation (e.g. subplans). We will discuss successes and challenges of this approach as well as future areas for focus.

Title: VTE Prophylaxis: Prescribing and Administering the Medications

Presenter(s): Susan Hoobler MSN RN-BC & Kimberly Webb BSN RN-BC

Description: Discussion will be on current literature including incidence, cost, the association of missed dose and increased risk.  A nursing educational model to increase compliance in prophylaxis medications administered with results. Finally, discussion of the Cerner model used for VTE prevention and management. With discussion of monitoring and measurements and how our process is working.

Title: Technology Tailgate

Presenter(s): Beth Savage PhD MSN RN NEA-BC, Patricia Glod MSN RN CPHIMS, Bonnie B. Anton MN RN CPHIMS FHIMSS

Description: Following assessment and identification of eRecord knowledge gaps among staff members, the Informatics Council members suggested we look at an innovative educational event.  Correlating the education event with the Superbowl theme became an innovation development that we called Technology Tailgate.  Our strategy was to create an environment of food, fun, festivities, and learning.  There were 6 stations included eRecord functionality or upgrades that were beneficial for staff to better understand or learn.  Each station was staffed with a knowledge expert.  Side stations of other technologies were held for nonclinical staff to enhance their roles so all were included in the event.

Title: Implementing Standardized Electronic Patient Education Discharge Instructions: Tips, Techniques and Lessons Learned

Presenter(s): Bonnie B. Anton, MN, RN CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Connie Feiler, MSN, RN, Jessica Fesz MSN, RN, Patricia Glod, MSN, RN, CPHIMS, Beth Savage PhD, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, RN-BC,

Description: This panel presentation will describe the multi-dimensional process used at UPMC to convert single provider electronic discharge instructions to standardized provider practice electronic discharge instructions.Topics presented will include: the many eRecord issues related to maintaining accurate individual electronic provider discharge instructions; the process of obtaining on-going hospital administrative and medical/surgical provider support for this major initiative; discussion of clinical operational hurdles and interventions; outcomes, including quantitative and qualitative results. These topics will describe how this academic healthcare institution implemented a more manageable and effective electronic patient discharge instructions initiative.

Title: Nuts and Bolts and the Bells and Whistles

Presenter(s): Bob Rose

Description: The benefits of having an internal team in organization that helps outside applications work with Cerner.

Title: What does your Organization Need to do to Succeed in Managing Population Health?

Presenter(s): Mary Sirois and Bernie Galla

Description: Healthcare organizations across the country are challenged by an isolated and disconnected; with interoperability challenges, misaligned incentives for employers, payers, providers and community services; focused on sickness for an uninformed and confused user population, with accountability placed on providers that results in duplication or even scarcity of services current state.  To enhance the ability to improve care quality and consumer (patient, member, employee) quality of life and reduce the cost of care.  To come together in a manner that is consumer-centric, interoperable technology-enabled and data-driven; based on innovative business models crossing stakeholder boundaries; focused on consumer quality of life across the continuum of care and services; with shared risk and a more accountable consumer population.

Atos will share it’s value-based care/population health maturity model and the lessons learned share by it’s recent panel discussion with industry leaders from Atruim Health, CHRISTUS Health and Multicare Health System. In addition, Atos will share the results from our HIMSS 2019 survey that will be based on an interactive survey at our HIMSS booth.

This model, also vetted with IT leaders in a recent HIMSS Focus Group will address the following dimensions of our population health management model:

•           Engaged Leadership

•           Data Aggregation

•           Data Analytics

•           Care Models

•           Consumer Engagement

Title: Monitoring Citrix with MonitorIT

Presenter(s): Joe Alexander

Description: This presentation will cover how UHS Inc. of Delaware uses MonitorIT to detect issues with the Citrix farm, perform application availability checks and monitor other Cerner and non-Cerner owned Millennium infrastructure components.

Title: Cerner on FHIR: Wellsheet reduces time in chart by 35% at RWJBarnabas Health

Presenter(s): Craig Limoli, Dr. Nawar Al Obaidi, LeAnthony Mathews

Description: A discussion of how RWJBarnabas Health (RWJBH) gave back hours to physicians' days by deploying Wellsheet into their Cerner Millennium system through Cerner's FHIR API. Wellsheet predictively delivers the most relevant information to physicians in a single page view, significantly reducing the number of screens and clicks required for chart review. Based on Cerner's Lights On reporting, there was a 35% drop in "Time in EMR per patient seen" after Wellsheet's deployment for the in-scope physician users.

Title: Telehealth Challenges in the Military Health System

Presenter(s): Antonio J. Eppolito, LtCol USAF, MC, FS

Description: With the organizational transformation of the Defense Health Agency and the deployment of the new EHR, the requirement for expanded virtual health services is expected to grow.DoD service specific virtual health legacy programs will have to evolve to keep pace with the demands of the new environment. Recent success of the virtual health programs in the Air Force, Army and Navy can be found in several areas to include: teleconsultations for remote providers, remote interpretation of diagnostic imaging studies, and secure web enabled video teleconferencing-based virtual video visits to military health system beneficiaries, both within the US and overseas, encompassing a variety of health concerns. The unique requirements of military virtual health will need to address national security concerns surrounding medical data, military readiness, access to care in geographically disparate locales and meet the standard of care for beneficiaries.

Title: Immunization Inventory Management Worklist

Presenter(s): Terry Thomas Watkins and Sara Lesser

Description: The Inventory Management Worklist(IMW) is an interactive Mpage view in Powerchart that provides an easier and more efficient immunization documentation process for staff by pulling in the lot number, manufacture name, and expiration date of immunizations, in addition to keeping track of the quantity on hand for each immunization. Typically, the IMW is managed by one or two staff members who add/modify the office’s immunization inventory. On a final note, this new functionality is part of MU3, now known as PIP, in that the NDC numbers will be sent automatically to ImmuNet to satisfy the PIP requirement.

Title: Entirely Virtual Primary Care with the use of HealtheLife

Presenter(s): Meghan May, Barb Stout, Ginny Hall

Description: Christiana Care has implemented HealtheLife Direct Book Scheduling, Guest Book Scheduling, Vidyo Video Visits, and the use of Clipboard functionality to support a completely virtual Primary Care office. This groundbreaking concept is currently being offered as a Benefit to CCHS employees and their spouses/adult children at no cost(not positive this should be included). By offering the option of a Virtual Primary Care office, patients do not have to take time out of work for visits and can comfortably meet with their provider for a short 20 minute max. visit from the comfort of their home, office, etc. with the use of a personal device or laptop computer. The advantages to patients and the health organization is multi-faceted: relieves overcrowding in traditional Primary Care practices, leverages technology to create the “medicine of tomorrow” practice model, provides immediate, on-demand care for patients, etc. With this presentation we will discuss our hurdles with a third party financial system, unique situation to conduct clinical visits across state lines, enrolling only patients who meet practice criteria, infrastructure issues/difficulty supporting personal devices and internet connectivity, and providing hands on clinical visits when needed.

Title: Improving Efficiency & Safety via Orders to Scheduling

Presenter(s): Stephen Yoder

Description: Cardiology experienced a few near misses, plus found their workflow to be clunky. Orders to Scheduling for Cath Lab and EP Lab has solved both problems.

Title: Not My Job: How IT Changed the EHR Project to Provider-Driven Transformation

Presenter(s): Anna Smith

Description: Structuring an EHR Governance Committee, Defining the Governance Process, Empowering End Users to make decisions

Title: Smart Anesthesia Manager (SAM), a real-time point of care decision support system for surgical patients

Presenter(s): Keith Howell, MD, Jan Pasnak, CRNA

Description: Surgery and anesthesia involve taking care of critically ill patients whose conditions change dynamically. In a fast-paced environment, care providers have to quickly interpret information from multiple sources respond quickly to keep patients stable. Unfortunately, in such an environment changes of errors and oversights are high resulting in high rates of preventable complication (~8%). Further, it is difficult to follow evidence-based best practice care due to the complexity and multi-faceted nature of care. We present a real-time point of care decision support solution, Smart Anesthesia Manager (SAM), that assists the anesthesia provider improve patient safety and quality of care. SAM interfaces with Surginet and other modules of Cerner to acquire real-time data on hemodynamic & ventilation parameters, medications, fluids, labs and clinical notes during surgery. Applying a set of sophisticated decision rules issues related to quality of care are detected and alerted to the anesthesia providers at the point of care in the operating room to make real-time corrections. We present the use of SAM at VCU Medical Center and the benefits that it provides for our surgical patients and providers.

Title: Clinical Process Improvements

Presenter(s): Don Fast

Description: Open Sky Health will present on a variety of clinical process improvements offered for Cerner clients.

Title: Using AI and Virtual Assistants to Empower Physicians and Improve CDI Effectiveness

Presenter(s): Reid Conant, MD, FACEP

Description: To realize a return on investment of the Cerner EHR, organizations are looking for real-time in-workflow physician guidance tools to alleviate the growing documentation burden on providers. Join us for a discussion to explore the ways conversational AI-powered solutions are optimizing providers’ workflow, and creating a more natural way to capture the patient story. This session will feature a healthcare use case with outcomes in improved documentation quality, physician satisfaction, and reimbursements.

Title: Clinical Communication and Collaboration – An emerging Mobile Maturity Model for Long Term Value

Presenter(s): Christine Lippincott, Phd, RN-BC, CPHIMS

Description: Healthcare organizations are evolving away from single-purpose communication devices and apps in favor of mobile platforms that integrate communication, workflow and documentation in a single user experience. Implementing a sustainable solution requires a comprehensive strategy that unites device choice, applications, and IT infrastructure with clinical workflow needs. Si Luo, President and CEO of PatientSafe Solutions, will share an outcomes-driven mobility framework and discuss key considerations for implementing a clinical communications platform that delivers measurable improvements in productivity, care quality, and patient satisfaction.

Title: How a General Pediatrics Clinic maintained the ability to Copy Forward

Presenter(s): Sean McKenna, MD

Title: Building An Intelligent Health System: Examples From The Trenches

Presenter(s): Vimal Mishra, MD

Title: Revenue Cycle Patient Accounting

Presenter(s): Chris Jackson

Description: Session attendees will learn 1) Components of Revenue Cycle Patient Accounting, including the life cycle of an encounter. 2) How claim rules are built and the different options for writing rules. 3) Foundations of a general ledger and how work items function. 4) Benefits of a clinically driven Revenue Cycle model.

Title: Utilizing Predictive Analytics to Directly Impact Patient Care

Presenter(s): Andrew Splitz

Description: Mr. Splitz will present on a new enterprise suite of solutions currently being utilized at Middlesex Hospital and currently being implemented at Beach Health. The solution presents the right data to the right clinician at the right time in a non-interruptive and actionable way. Since its launch the suite of solutions has enabled hospitalist to more quickly identify patients moving into acute disease states and streamlined the discharge planning process.

Title: Beyond bricks: Health system partners and Cerner working for the patient’s future

Presenter(s): Lisa Campbell

Title: Rules, Rules, Rules!

Presenter(s): Matt Loser

Description: A journey through complex rule creation using CCL and other tools.

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How do you complete evaluation for CE credit? I created ta MedStar Health CE account but cannot figure out the next step to complete the evaluation. Can someone please provide the link?#narug2019-conference@E:narug2019-conference
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I just tried to obtain mine as well. MedStar states that they are not available.
I just tried to obtain mine as well. MedStar states that they are not available.
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Looking for all the excellent presentations - when and where will the slides be posted?#narug2019-conferenceJoin the conversation: narug2019-conference »
Looking for all the excellent presentations - when and where will the slides be posted?#narug2019-conference@E:narug2019-conference
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Mon, May, 20th 2019

Vedant Health will once again be exhibiting at #NARUG! Please stop by our booth and say hi to Stacy and Kristin and enter our raffle for a chance to win a JBL Flip bluetooth speaker.#narug2019-conferenceJoin the conversation: narug2019-conference »
Vedant Health will once again be exhibiting at #NARUG! Please stop by our booth and say hi to Stacy and Kristin and enter our raffle for a chance to win a JBL Flip bluetooth speaker.#narug2019-conference@E:narug2019-conference
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Stacy and Kristen, I look forward to meeting you! Will Ray or Dennis be at the conference?
Stacy and Kristen, I look forward to meeting you! Will Ray or Dennis be at the conference?


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