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Softek Solutions, Inc.



Empowering healthcare through software innovation

Softek Solutions, Inc., was founded in 1995 with a singular vision – to develop superior software in an environment of uncompromised business ethics. This commitment led us within a few years into the medical software marketplace. Since 2000, we have earned the industry’s trust for our intuitive management and monitoring of the Cerner Millennium EHR system. Softek now offers much more than software – our full range of technology and consulting services, now in use at nearly 500 Cerner hospitals, ensure optimal EHR system performance and revenue integrity.

What makes Softek so unique is our committed team of bright, creative associates. Our developers continue to improve on the Panther software that gives unprecedented visibility into Millennium. Our analysts have years of experience working with Millennium both at Cerner and at Cerner hospitals. They combine their expertise with our proprietary software to correct system performance issues only we can pinpoint so definitively. Both teams work closely with our clients to ensure we are meeting the real-world challenges they face.

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