*Softek Solutions

Visibility into your Cerner system plus the experts to ensure its optimal performance

Production Services – Our Production Services pinpoint problems in your Cerner Millennium production environment and work with your staff to correct the problems. We uncover configuration and application build issues specific to your organization that are causing data transactions to be lost and bottlenecks that slow down or disrupt your clinicians’ workflow.

Conversion Services – Our IT Conversion Services make your go-live as seamless as possible – whether you’re upgrading to new code, bringing on a new module or even converting a hospital to Cerner. Our specialists monitor your system before, during and after your conversion to help you understand what’s happening throughout the entire process. We identify problems early and coach you through data-driven conversations with Cerner and your entire team.

Purge Maintenance – Our Purge Services take over the painstaking, but necessary, work of purge compliance. In just a few weeks, we can ensure 100% purge compliance to rid your front-end applications of unnecessary data that's crippling system response times.

Panther™ – Our proprietary Panther technology has been monitoring and managing Cerner performance longer and better than anyone. Panther gives hospital IT teams unprecedented visibility into their EHR system, intuitive control of Millennium’s everyday processes, and meaningful alerts when problems arise. Plus it uncovers chronic problems you could be totally unaware of and identifies where to go to correct them.

Discovery Audit™ – Our in-depth Discovery Audit identifies anomalies in your EHR production environment and provides detailed recommendations that will improve performance and stability, reduce clinical risk, and unlock potential revenue and cost-containment gains. The Discovery Audit provides the data used by our service consultants to identify and correct system issues but can also be used on its own by hospital IT and applications teams skilled in making their own corrections.

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