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60% of Softek clients are RHOs

When clinicians have a problem with the system, they complain to you, not your hosting vendor. Softek Panther’s visibility into system performance gives you the evidence you need to approach your hosting vendor with certainty and confidence. Panther delivers:

  1. Instant visibility into system issues with actionable alerts. Panther sensors often pinpoint problems well before your vendor is aware of them – and even disclose some problems vendors never see.
  2. Faster resolution when clinicians start complaining. Informed with the data from our alerts and reports, your IT team can forge a collaborative relationship with your hosting vendor to pinpoint trouble before it spins out of control.
  3. Cost savings through fewer hardware purchases and user licenses. Panther diagnostics consistently show that many problems result from incorrect system configurations and builds and don’t require expensive hardware expenditures. Plus our reports have disproved vendor claims that concurrent user licenses have been exceeded.
  4. Easy system management in areas not covered by your SLA. Where the RHO vendor takes responsibility for hardware and code-level issues, your hospital is responsible for problems with application builds and configurations – a common source of slowdowns and data loss. Panther exposes these application issues.
  5. Access to our knowledge base. Our comprehensive Production Services mean RHOs have one-on-one access to our Millennium experts who fill the knowledge gap left when you downsized your technical staff to go RHO.

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