At CHA (Clinical Healthcare Analytics) we couldn't agree more—which is why our solutions have been focused on this exact phenomenon.  The good news for everyone is that there are some ready-made-  — and field-tested — answers to these big challenges.  And, best of all, those solutions are ready to deploy today.

Here are some of the ways CHA can help you make measurable progress against Cerner's vision and advance your own objectives, starting immediately:

Dr. Feinberg suggests-->

"Digitized records...need to be usable.... measured by how they enable caregivers to spend more time at the bedside and less time at the terminal. Improving the usability of Cerner solutions is at the top of my list of things to get done."

CHA MAKES IT HAPPEN: We have demonstrated the ability to reduce the physician time in chart by 20%.

Dr. Feinberg suggests-->

"Fixing the EHR is job number one. The pipes are laid, which is wonderful, but we have to make it easier to get the right information to the right people at the right time to eliminate that noise."

CHA MAKES IT HAPPEN: We have documented the ability to identify specific diagnosis as much as 25% earlier, leveraging the data within Cerner Millennium.

Dr. Feinberg suggests-->

"Staying on the right side of a razor-thin margin is a difficult task even for the best managed health systems and provider organizations."

CHA MAKES IT HAPPEN: We have documented the ability to reduce Length of Stay averages by up to one full day, saving over $5M annually on the Medicare population for the typical community hospital.

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