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WorkOutLoud is a Diamond partner in this community

WorkOutLoud is an all-in-one B2B Community Platform. This foundation is supporting your high-value customer engagement strategy. The strategy that connects your customers to the right people at the right time while building a community of connected customers that embrace your products and produce opportunities. With WorkOutLoud your customers stay up to date, have a place to learn, connect, and be inspired. It is equally important that you deliver this value in a timely and cost-effective manner that drives opportunity. Come for the Event, Stay for the Community

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ROI Healthcare Solutions is a Platinum partner in this community

ROI Healthcare Solutions, LLC (ROI) is an award-winning healthcare IT and process consulting firm that partners with clients by bringing trustworthy leadership, resources, project management, and methodologies to empower providers to perform at their clinical, financial, and operational best. The combination of our ERP, HIS, and Revenue Cycle experience and our deep systems expertise with 100+ applications allows us to achieve optimal integration of end-user processes with available technology and maximize each client’s return-on-investment – hence our name, “ROI.” As a multi-year Best in KLAS winner and 2020 Infor Growth Partner of the Year, ROI's dedicated Infor ERP practice focuses on implementing and optimizing the full suite of Infor Healthcare applications to drive true value for our customers and their patients. Our Infor professional services facilitate information-driven business processes that connect, automate and streamline backend business functions across finance, human resources, talent management, supply chain management, inventory management, business intelligence, and integration. For more about our Infor practice, proceed to the ROI website at:

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*Softek Solutions is a Platinum partner in this community

Is your EMR system working for you or are you working for your EMR system? At Softek Solutions, Inc.™, we come to work every day because we’re passionate about software and we believe your Cerner EMR system should work for you and your needs. We want to help you optimize your EMR system and we provide the consulting and software solutions to do just that. Our EMR Performance solution monitors your system 24/7 so you don’t have to. Our Charge Capture and Patient Accounting tools help ensure your system isn’t missing charges. And all of our tools have alerting capabilities to proactively notify you of urgent issues in your system. We believe software should solve problems not create new ones and we want to change the way you work with your EMR system. Don’t you? Our Mission To help hospital systems get the most out of their investment in Cerner Millennium. Our Vision To deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. We solve complex problems by leveraging software and industry expertise to achieve greater results together than either can alone.

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S&P Consultants is a Gold partner in this community

S&P Consultants make Cerner solutions work better in the real world—for hospitals, labs, and physician networks. Our experienced teams—including in-house clinicians—fill a critical gap between vendors and in-house IT, providing a comprehensive perspective. Since 1996, we've engaged stakeholders from the C-suite to the bedside—driving adoption and supporting clinical and business outcomes. We are recognized by KLAS as the leader in Cerner implementations. Unbiased counsel helps our clients make informed, evidence-based decisions during vendor selection, contract negotiation, and revenue cycle optimization, and our implementation framework, S&P InTegrity™, binds client strategies to action, to prevent costly late-stage mistakes.

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*Clinical Healthcare Analytics is a Silver partner in this community

The CHA Foundation Suite is a leap forward in leveraging the EMR to perform real-time analysis at point-of-care - and in practical case management. Adoption of EMRs has increased the availability of data and helped meet regulatory requirements, but it has yet to really deliver on its promise to improve quality of care, reduce costs and streamline clinician efficiency. The CHA Foundation platform is changing that—today—with the EHR infrastructure you already have in place. Using the same principles that guide fighter pilots in split-second decision-making, our Healthcare Heads Up Display (HHUD) presents the right data to the right clinician at the right time—in an actionable way.

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*Vedant Health is a Silver partner in this community

Vedant Health provides quality management solutions that help healthcare organizations deliver better patient care. Our signature technology, TestStream, tests and diagnoses your clinical systems, learning as it goes, for complete validation of your clinical applications starting on day one. Together with our dedicated staff, our products and services deliver safety assurance simply and cost effectively.

e4 is a Silver partner in this community

e4 is a leading national healthcare consulting and professional services company that provides comprehensive service solutions addressing needs around EHR, ERP, Revenue Cycle Management, HIM, and IT. e4 also specializes in complex program and change management, and uses LEAN and proprietary engineered software to maximize outcomes and efficiencies. e4 employs proprietary tools and methods to drive Cerner implementation projects efficiently. We deliver transparency, timeliness and accountability for Cerner net new and extension initiatives.

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Calvient is a Silver partner in this community

Calvient is a Healthcare IT products and services company that specializes in bringing value to the Cerner ecosystem. Our products range from patient engagement to employee collaboration and were specifically designed to integrate directly with Cerner. We offer development services as well, including Discern Explorer (CCL), Discern Expert, custom MPages, web, and mobile apps.

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Crossings Healthcare Solutions is a Silver partner in this community

Crossings Healthcare Solutions develops custom Advanced Clinical Decision Support Software that leverages the Cerner Millennium System. Our award-winning MPages & Advisors seamlessly integrate into clinical workflow to enhance usability, efficiency and communication. Crossings Healthcare Solutions was established to provide custom clinical decision support software that enhances the Cerner Millennium System. Our award-winning MPage and Advisor solutions have been installed at 60 hospitals in eleven states. These solutions are seamlessly integrated into clinical workflow to enhance usability, efficiency and communication. Crossings Healthcare Solutions is a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc., a Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

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