SeRUG Webinar Education Event with Goliath
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Charlie Magliato
about 2 Months ago
Latest reply on: 05/02/2022 by: Shirley Shipp, Msg: Yes. BayCare is currently using RRD and WQM for faxing. What are you proposing?
Mary Hamill
about 6 Months ago
Latest reply on: 12/09/2021 by: Mary Hamill, Msg: Has anyone had issues with claims not crossing over to SSI, and if you have had this issue how did you resolve it. We have had issues for the past co...
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Cindi Calabrese
about 10 Months ago
Latest reply on: 08/19/2021 by: Robert Martinez, Msg: Unfortunately, this year we are not able to provide CE credits. We are hoping to do this again at our in-person conference in March! :)
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