Our Smartphone app started out as an ‘nice to have’ option, but with the enhancements we have just released it has become a necessary tool in your quality management toolkit. The main addition is our “TestStream Digital Assistant” which provides testing PC monitoring and test execution features.

Smartphone App  

To add a fun element to introduce this new suite of features, everyone that registers within the app between now and December 31, 2017 will be entered into a drawing to win Viktor, our company mascot, to be announced on New Year's Eve!

Registration is automatic when you register to use the new features in the app itself. The registration links you to your own testing machines.

Meet Viktor

There are a number of options within the app which allow you to access to Vedant Health activities, check in on our support and services groups, and execute and monitor tests running within your own environment.

Check!    TestStream Assistant
Execute and Monitor your tests while out and about, and receive notifications on test status and completion. Closely monitor a test remotely, watching the status minute-by-minute.


Check!    Upcoming Events
We attend many shows each year, both small and large. Keep up-to-date for when we are in your town and come see us.


Check!    Support System & Live Chat
Contact our team whenever you have a question, even when you are out of the office.

Check!    Community Enhancements
Keep up-to-date on the TestStream community enhancements. We are adding enhancements frequently to make it easier to maintain patient safety.


Check!    News Feed & Social Media
Sign up for our blog, and keep current on our activities.

   Execute Tests from the Smartphone App

The Vedant Health app is available in the Apple App Store, and on Google Play.

      Apple App Store             Google Play

Install the app today and start working more efficiently and effectively with TestStream!